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Apple 3D mapping vs Google Maps!!!!

After Apple’s decision to create its own Mapping solution, Google to give a competition has unveiled its new mapping technologies. Actually Apple has decided to bring 3D mapping to iPhones that could replace Google maps &  Google to maintain its position in market has taken this step.

Google on a media event on Wednesday announces various new features that would be added to Google Maps. Various features include:

*Street level views.

* Automated technology to extract 3D views from aerial images giving you travel guide by using planes that fly only for Google.

*Offline Google Maps for Android & IOS which will work without network coverage will also be coming soon.

Describing Latest Google Maps Brian McClendon said “It’s much more than finding a way home. We are trying to create magic here & it’s almost your personal helicopter hovering over city”

This was a biggest effort by Google to make million of Apple users to use Google Maps rather than IOS Maps.

Apple 3D mapping releasing on June 11.

Will Apple Maps will be better than Google or Apple users have to switch to Google Maps???? Big Mystery behind this!!!!


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What to expect from Ios 6????

IOS 6 expected features:

IOS 6 coming on Apple next generation phones is expected to come with lot more upgraded features. These features are so awesome that you can’t stop yourself to purchase iPhone 5. The expected ios 6 features include:

Enhanced Multitasking Gestures:

It’s expected to have ios 6 with enhanced multitasking features. The software in it would enable to view content from 2 adjacent windows & monitor. You can work on e-mail while reading your file or PDF& no need to switch between windows. You can also use multi app at the same time.


It’s rumored that Apple going to launch its own 3D mapping by dropping its recent Google Maps in ios 6.

Airdrop for ios 6:

Mac OS has already Airdrop which allow file transfer to near by macs wirelessly even without WiFi network. Now ios 6 will be going to come with Airdrop which will make file sharing easy.


Apple launched Siri for Iphone 4s which act as a voice-activated personal assistant & other user just jail break their devices for Siri updates & with its growing popularity its expected ios 6 with Siri integration.

 Toggling in Notification Center:

Most of the users jailbreak their devices for SBSettings that allows easy access for 3G/ Bluetooth/ Airplane/ WiFi technology. Also various other features like shortcuts to home screen, VPN, GPS are supported by these settings. So we all will love to see SBSettings in new OS.

 Face Recognition:

It has front featuring camera to capture image while unlocking your device.  Samsung Galaxy SIII has come up with this feature so Apple has to come up with more enhanced features.

 Integration of Contacts/Mail/Messages:

The new feature brings status update & contact logo in one tab. It makes user more communicative.

 Notification Center widgets:

There were easy ways to clear notifications. Also notification center widget for third party app like stock market & weather information are added in this.

 All these features are expected to be in ios 6, see what’s new revolution will IOS 6 bring!!!!!

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