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Ruzzle: Fun Wordgame for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Are you fond of Word games then MAG Interactive have come up with one of the most dynamic and advanced wordgame of all time that is available on iTunes totally free of cost.

There are many new changes and improvement with the recent update for example you can use the profile picture from Facebook while playing against your opponent, and all the major & minor bugs are fixed which not only help in for a better play but also for overall engagement. Few of the milestones which were achieved by this game are

  • Top 10 word game in 114 countries
  • Over 5 million players
  • Play with your friends or challenge a random opponent


So what are you waiting for? If you love making words and are very much fond of wordgames than download & install Ruzzle to unite with above 5 million players and feel the difference while playing Ruzzle!

Ruzzle is a fun & fast-paced word game where you can confront your family & friends or even challenge a randomly chosen opponent in a word game and who so ever will find most words in 2 minutes will be declared as a winner.  Your task while playing this game is to search for as many words as possible on a board by swipe gesture by your finger across & down on your device screen. The letters will only form into words if and only if they are connected to each other, users will also get some pleasant audio and animations which enhances the gameplay fun.

There are in total of 3 rounds and the player with highest score in total will win. Letter scores, word length with bonus pieces will help you to score the maximum score as possible. You can also practice offline, get ready and be prepared to challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle! This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

ruzzle 2

Games can be played in the following languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Compatibility of Ruzzle

  • iPhone 3GS,
  • iPhone 4,
  • iPhone 4S,
  • iPhone 5,
  • iPod touch (3rd generation),
  • iPod touch (4th generation),
  • iPod touch (5th generation)
  • iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Free Download : Ruzzle for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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iMessage for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac

Scott Forstall, vice president of iOS software at Apple inc. during his keynote speech at WWDC2011 presented iMessage before us. This was an innovative technology and was bound to get popular and seeing all its demand, Apple included support for iMessage in iOS 5 update which was released on October 12, 2011. Soon after On 16 February 2012, Apple declared that a new OS X Messages application will be replacing iChat and now with support for iMessage, and will soon be an inclusion in OS X Mountain Lion which was the next OS for Mac and was widely released on 25 July, 2012.

iMessage Features

iMessage allows users to interact with Apple users running their devices on iOS5 or higher by the means of a variety of services  like messages, videos etc by using Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G connection. In recent time this application has proved to be a great alternative to SMS for users having devices which are running on iOS 5 or higher versions.

iMessage is available through the Messages app on an iPhone, iPad etc running on iOS 5 or later or even on Mac computer operating on OS X Mountain Lion or later. If you are proud possessor of any Apple devices running on iOS 5 or higher you have to register your email addresses with Apple in order to use this service, furthermore iPhone users have to give their phone numbers to register with Apple in order to access iMessage. iMessage application should be there on both devices of sender and receiver of message and active data connection is equally important. One more great feature is that users from both end can also see the other person typing also, which makes this application great.

One of the specialties in iMessages is that these are completely encrypted and can be also being used to track the message via delivery receipts. If the addressees enable Read Receipts, the correspondent will be able to make out that the addressee has read the message. iMessage has a function of “group chat” in which you can have a conversation with several people at the same time, hence providing users with complete messaging experience. Be ready for experiencing flawlessly evolution from SMS to iMessage.


iMessage Technology

iMessage is based on Apple push notifications (APNS) which is a proprietary, binary protocol unlike the rumors which are out there claiming this technology to be based upon XMPP.

This connection is secure and is encrypted with TLS by means of a client side certificate, which is asked for while during the activation of iMessage. Apple push notifications set up Keep-Alive link with the Apple servers. Each connection has its exclusive Device symbol, which performs as an identifier for the direction that ought to be used to send a message to a explicit device.

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iOS 6 preview: Siri for iPad

Siri with iOS 5 was absolutely iPhone 4S only apprehension, and with Apple deciding not to make anything more than dictation accessible, even on their new iPad. That may have been due to the disputes concerned while balancing Siri to the full, even though starting from iPhone interface, to the larger screen in iPad. With iOS 6, conversely, Apple has prepared it, and Siri will be entirely debut on the latest iPad.

iOS6 is here to offer everything whatever you can expect and as expected iPad 3 will initially get the Siri functionality available in it and later it is all set to be in all the apple devices, sports results, movie information, restaurant reservations, and even social networking will be easy through Twitter & Facebook sharing & application initiation etc.

All features of Siri on iPad will be same as the iPhone apart from the phone call features of the iPhone, which is obvious but Apple can also think about this feature (phone calling) and introducing it in iPad for completing the user experience. At present there is no phone application or voice connection available for the iPad, but we can expect this upgrade to be coming in near future.

There are many videos available on the official website of apple and how the officials have tackle the questions about Siri interface on iPad it is almost same as the how they answered the questions about Notification Center. Although no one knows till yet that how these devices can keep a hold on Siri’s network connection necessities that too on non-cellular devices. At present Siri is only accessible on iPhone 4S, which can optimize the cellular data transfer when Wi-Fi can’t.

All questions are bound to be answered soon enough and with iPhone5 & iOS6 soon released on September 19. Please let us know your reviews abut the same and share your views and opinion about anything related to Apple devices.

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