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APPLE still on lead than Samsung on revenue platform!!!!!!

If we talk about mobile world its not what’s big, what’s better matters a lot!!!!

Juniper Research report reveals that Apple’s iPhone at present generating more revenue than Samsung’s entire mobile division. No doubt Samsung is biggest smartphone maker in global shipments but when it come revenue Apple is on lead.

According to recent stats Apple’s revenue including ipad is $29.3 billion whereas Samsung’s entire division revenue is just $17 billion. Also if we talk about profitability, here also Samsung is lacking. Apple’s Gross margin has reached up to 47.4% while Samsung was at 12.9% only.

Samsung is estimated to have embarked 46.9 million smart phones, compared to Apple’s 35.1 million iPhone devices. Juniper Research also said that there is space for third party to take share of smart phone & mobile market. Also it reveals that 60% of world market is stiched for apple & Samsung increased from 46% share in Q4.

Juniper Research states that “Apple’s revenues from its ‘mobile division’ continue to remain significantly higher than Samsung’s, even when you take into account the latter’s feature phones”.

Despite of Apple launch in June, it seems as Samsung will continue

to remain in the lead for shipments in this quarter.

Market shares for different mobile brands tell a detail about what has happened when Apple and Samsung have raised up. As it is clear from grarph that market share is min. for HTC & max. for Samsung.

Juniper believes the smartphone market will account for 1.1 billion devices  by 2017  from 600 million in 2012 these markets still have a shot to turn things around.



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