Apple’s newest iPhone model “iPhonhe5” & its relation with “Liquid metal”!!!!

After so many rumors about Iphone 5 Peker comes out with theory of introducing Liquid metal on 6th generation phones. French designer Antoine Brieux commented that new Iphone will be thinner & lighter. Brieux created a design for the iPhone Liquidmetal known as the iPhone 5 LM, having 4.5in display and a virtual home button, unlike other iphones.

Liquidmetal supposed to be alloy that could make casing tougher. Apple gained rights of Liquid metal in 2010, & its using in iPhone 4 & 4S in its Sim-slot opener. If you are an Iphone user you must have noticed its greater life as compared to others.

Why Apple is investing more money in “Liquid metal” if it costs more than glass??

Liquid metal is a kind of Metallic glass. It’s a mixture of nickel, zirconium & few other metals. It’s a different metal technology. It’s scratch resistant & grease proof capability can enable it to be used for antenna use when some metals are added to it.

At present it has single standard CNC in Korean factory & its rejection ratio is less.

It has no risk of bending, Cracking etc. Apple is now using this on Iphone 5 around its edges or back casing.

“I expect Apple to use this technology in a breakthrough product. Such product will likely bring an innovative user interface and industrial design together, and will also be very difficult to copy or duplicate with other material technologies.” – Peker (Inventor of Liquid metal technology).

Interviewer speaking with Peker suggested that Liquidmetal technology might be used in the MacBook Pro 2012 lineup.

So we have just to wait & see what’s new experience of computing until unleash of Liquid metal.



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